Sunni Jamiatul Ulama Islamic Centre

It has been a long standing vision of the SJUSA to someday acquire its own premises wherein a fully fledged, multi-dimensional Islamic Centre could be established. Alhumdulillah, the vision has now become a reality with the grace of Almighty Allah and the aid of our generous donors.

We have acquired a premises which has been fully purchased and is situated in the suburb of Overport (Durban). We are confident that the premises will suit our needs, which is to provide Islamic services to the Muslim community in a much more larger and efficient capacity.

The moral degeneration of society has created a necessity for the Muslim community to address the needs of our Muslim females especially, as we are well aware of the dangers, vices and temptations associated with government schools. The alternative would be private Islamic schools, however this option is beyond the affordability of the majority. Parents are increasingly choosing to deregister their female children who are either home schooled or deprived of any form of education.

Responding to this call, the SJUSA intends to focus primarily on a female Islamic college which would incorporate Islamic education, selected secularised subjects, as well as skills development courses related to computer literacy and various forms of home industry possibilities.

In addition, elementary Madressah classes, adult classes and the social activities of the SJUSA will be housed on the premises.

We have overcome the greater part of the challenge in acquiring the premises, yet in order to make it conducive to the envisaged ventures, a great deal of renovations and rehabilitative work needs to be undertaken.

The opportunity to create a lasting legacy is upon us. Be a part of this magnificent endeavour for Thawaab-e-Jaariyah or Esaale Thawaab of our beloved departed. Funds contributed will be chanelled towards renovations, fixtures, fittings, classroom equipment etc. Sectional sponsorships eg. Complete renovation costs of classrooms, Ablution facilities, Contributions in kind are most welcome.